Chasing Forever

Book 3 – Chasing Happy Trilogy



In this third and final instalment of the Chasing Happy trilogy, Kieran balances her motherly duties, with running a business and supporting Rome, after he awakens from a coma caused by a serious accident on the job.

Though her life can be chaotic at times, Kieran feels she can do anything with Rome by her side. As she embarks on the next chapter of her life, she grows as a person and her relationship with Rome strengthens. For her, the chase is over, as his almost wife, nothing can break them.

Weeks before their wedding, however, Rome is pulled back into his old life due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving Kieran questioning his true feelings for her.

As their future hangs in the balance, Kieran wonders whether they will survive the biggest test of their relationship and make it down the aisle, or will she have to kiss her dreams of forever with Rome goodbye?

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Chasing Dreams

Book 2 – Chasing Happy Trilogy

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After surviving a personal tragedy, Kieran Taylor seeks refuge and a new life In New York City. In less than a year, she settles into her dream job, makes new friends and even gets back onto the dating scene, though she is still dealing with the demons of her not so distant past.

With her new found knowledge about life and love, Kieran quickly learns that no relationship is easy. Determined to break bad habits, she vows, this time things will be different.

As the city of Manhattan works its magic, Kieran is thankful for the second chance she has been given, she is rebuilding her life and planning a future, one she thought was impossible.

However just when it seems she is getting everything she’s ever wanted, circumstances beyond her control threatens her dreams of a happy ending. You can get your Paperback copy by clicking here, Or for the Kindle version you can click here



Chasing Happy

Book 1 – Chasing Happy Trilogy

Chasing Happy Cover

Will Kieran ever escape her controlling boyfriend, Darren, in her quest for true love and happiness?

Her desperation for a normal relationship leads her to find temporary solace in the arms of her first love, Joshua. However, this reopens old wounds and exposes secrets she hoped would stay buried forever.

Confused and wanting to be free of her painful past and pitiful present, she goes on holiday where she meets Rome, a handsome man who sweeps her off her feet. He is, however, not all he portrays to be and learning the truth leads Kieran on a downward spiral of self-destruction which changes her life forever.

Readers won’t be disappointed with this romantic novel about life, love and friendship, which will have you laughing and crying until the very last page. Get your paperback copy of Chasing Happy here, or for the Kindle version click here.




Rome In A Day

Free eBook: Laurene Bobb-Semple

Rome in a Day eBook Cover


Rome in a Day is about one of the central characters, ‘Rome.’ I wanted to share his perspective with readers, as the book is predominantly from the main protagonist’s, Kieran, point of view.

I hope you enjoy learning more about Rome and if you know of anyone who delights in reading fiction romance, please do refer them to where they can download their own eBook… gratis.






Hidden Sparks: Romantic, Contemporary Fiction (The Millionaire Girl’s Secret Book 1)

Laurene Bobb-Semple and Cherry Ann Carew


Hidden Sparks is book one in the sexy, romance series – The Millionaire Girl’s Secret, from authors Cherry-Ann Carew and Laurene Bobb-Semple.

They were young teenagers, and back then, his hands were clumsy. Now, as he rubbed the lotion over her shoulders, they were smooth, hot, and … held an element of experience beyond rubbing. He was caressing her shoulders and Ashley felt her skin prickle and her knees go weak. She wanted to tell him that was enough, but the words stuck in her throat.

At the tender age of eighteen, Ashley Jackson gives into temptation and sleeps with her handsome crush, Joe Colaianni, which to her dismay, ends up being a one-night stand.

Not long after, he signs a contract to join a professional soccer club. In time, she gets over him and moves on with her life, starting a real estate business with her twin brother Gabe, and her own independent matchmaking company, which she inadvertently runs with her endearing, no-nonsense grandmother, Grandma Bella.

Over the years, Joe is still very much in her life and there’s no denying Ashley is still attracted to him, a gravitational pull she struggles to resist.

For reasons known only to her and her two best friends, Ashley cannot allow herself to fall in love with him again, but when he insists on talking about the past after so many years, Ashley doesn’t understand what changed. Plus, nothing he says could erase the past.

Hidden Sparks offers readers a compelling story filled with heartwarming humor, romance, heartbreak and love from the broad cast of characters.