Cocktails in PortugalHi, again!

If you’re anything like me, you’re usually curious about the person behind a book you’ve read, or plan on reading, so I thought I’d share a little about me.

I was born in London, England, and have lived there my whole life. I currently work full time – no easy feat when trying to pursue other passions, which I am learning the hard, but hopefully rewarding way!

My greatest passions are, of course, writing, reading, listening to music, travelling the world, shopping and spending quality time with my family and friends. Oh, I almost forgot, I support Arsenal… the only team in North London, haha!

My other interests include, dining out. Gosh! You would not believe how much I love food. My favourite is… that’s a tough choice, I can never really choose between Indian or Mexican cuisine. Still it’s usually washed down with a cocktail, or three:) I also enjoy dancing, visiting the theatre, movies and I’m a feline lover and have a beautiful cat, Jasmine. I’ll introduce you to her one day.

So with a full-time job and an active social life, where did I find the time to write? Well, Chasing Happy which is the first book in the Chasing Happy trilogy was not meant to be published (I’ll get to that in a few), writing it was just a bit of fun and I stopped and started over a four year period then one day I decided to finish it, plus it was only ever meant to be one book.

But as I added new characters, they became central to the plot and the ending (no spoiler alert here), and I knew I had to write a sequel, Chasing Dreams, which I actually started before I’d even finished Chasing Happy. That became so long that it, too, had to be split and Beyond the Chase (working title), was born.

During this time, members of my family and my friends read ‘Chasing Happy,’ and told me how much they enjoyed it and loved the characters and encouraged me to publish it.St-Lucia I decided to pursue releasing it officially, and now it’s here!

It has been a long journey getting to this point, where I’m finally ready to share it with the world. I have kept it so close to my heart for a very long time.

However, I’m extremely excited, nervous and scared, but fingers, eyes and toes crossed, you will like it and fall in love with the characters the way I and others have. If that’s the one thing I accomplish out of this, I will be very proud!

That’s about it for now, thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again soon!

Laurene xoxo